How To Refresh Your Spring Style?

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Now is the time to supposedly put your heavy winter coats aside and bring out your flower print cardigans and dresses.  Here are some different ideas I put together to help you with your spring fashion.  I have put together some new chic ideas to achieve interesting different looks you can wear during spring 2013.  If you want to shine and stand out in the crowd this spring, keep reading.

About the look:
I was inspired by Lotem who likes to make a statement and at the same time be very feminine. The look I created can be worn during a variety of events including a fancy dinner, shopping with a friend, during a romantic date or even going to a concert.

How to get the look?
  • Choose a garment which flows like chiffon.  It is always good to have such an item in your closet.  Chiffon is perfect for spring since it is feminine, it flows with the wind and it looks very elegant.  You can purchase a skirt as in the picture or even an oversized top, a dress, or a tunic to get a beautiful effect.
  • Give a boost to your color scheme.

    As you know, after the winter we all just want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and the warmth of the season.  It is always nice to revive our wardrobe and feel the lightness of spring.  I would like to recommend wearing at least one bright color with your outfit such as fuchsia pink, bright orange, emerald green, or royal blue.  These are my favorite bright colors that always put me in a good mood.  Colors like these help to bring attention to you.  In the picture, note that Lotem is wearing a pink sweater.

  • Statement Jewelry Statement jewelry always helps to upgrade a plain garment and turn it into an outfit with a statement and elegance.  What I love about such jewelry is that it is not expensive and works like magic on an ordinary outfit.  In the picture, Lotem is wearing two large bracelets and a necklace which stands out making the outfit more alive.  I personally love these items. 

  •  Keep your look tasteful and don’t overdo it.  Be careful and check first how each addition looks when you add it to your outfit.  Don’t forget to add matching shoes and a purse to complete your outfit. 


I hope that I helped to inspire your spring style, if you want to show me your looks,ask any

 questions or sujest any requests contact me at:

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