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March 23, 2013
Written by Talia Zoref.
Photographs taken and owned by Talia Zoref

Recently, I went to visit my favorite place, the city of Tel Aviv.  During my trip there, I was highly inspired since everything was so colorful and alive!  From my point of view, a bit of color always gives a person the perfect muse. While I was there, a few areas of the city caught my eye and I got a vibe which moved me to design some clothes reflecting what I saw.

One of the most special places I visited in Tel Aviv was a neighborhood called Neve Tzedek.   In the last few years, this quaint area has turned into a prime location for fashion designer boutiques which I truly recommend seeing.  The clothes that are displayed in the windows and inside the stores are beautiful and vibrant. They reflect a mixture of vintage and current looks.  I would also like to add here that there are a number of restaurants and ice cream parlors in the area worth checking out.

Here are some pictures from Neve Tzedek:
Neve Tzedek.

Tourists enjoying the sights of Neve Tzedek

Wedding boutique in Neve Tzedek

How to get a TLV inspired look?

  • Get the vibe
    Tel Aviv is a beach city.  The styles you see people wearing in this city are colorful and casual. You can see that people are daring, but at the same time display a special kind of elegance.  In order to achieve this look, I suggest that you try to match soft and hard fabrics together as well as different textures like leather and jeans.  Perhaps aim to dress with softer flowing fabrics such as siphon or jersey.
My colorful inspiration from Tel Aviv.
Go Wild.

  • Mix casual with elegant 
The amazing thing about Tel Aviv is that you can wear the fanciest dress with just flip-flops and no one would care.  Honestly though, I really do not recommend such a combination.  If you want to mix fancy and ordinary together, just throw on a regular T shirt with jeans and add some statement jewelry. See my post on statement jewelry for examples.


  • Back to the 60's
    Lately, I just adore the 60s look with a bodice top and a flare skirt.  It reminds me how Amy Winehouse dressed.  If you want the look, it would be perfect with a buff hair style.  I mentioned this look because it is young and colorful and it truly reminds me of Tel Aviv.

Skirt from Bershka; Shoes from Chinese Laundry; Purse and Bracelets from Aldo.

Lastly, I want to say I really enjoyed writing this post.  Feel free to show me pictures of your TLV outfits or alternatively, ask any questions at:

In the meanwhile, let me wish you success with your TLV creations.


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