White Dress Code

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Photographer: Lotem Neumann
Stylist:Talia Zoref

This week I went out with my two friends Lotem and Nivi  to do a beautiful photo shoot.  We were motivated by the mild spring weather with the sun shining, the clear blue skies, and the mild breeze gently blowing over the fields. We decided to celebrate spring by heading out to the surrounding fields and feel nature at its best.  We wore flowing white fabrics to feel the wind and we added flowers to our look in celebration of spring. 

The question here is how you can wear white and make it work for you.  Here are some points to consider when you wear white:

Girls just wanna have fun

*A white lace dress, should be very feminine and give you a look of innocence.  Your dress can be chic as well as be subtly sexy.

Talia wearing a white maxi skirt


Primadonna Girl
*A sheer white top can be very trendy and looks beautiful, but you must wear something in white underneath so it will not be too revealing.
Lotem wearing a white summer hat and a comfy sweater

*A big floppy white beach hat is fun and at the same time, protects your face from those harmful sun rays.  It is cool to wear this hat at the beach.  It is also a terrific accessory to add to your outfit when you go shopping at the market.

*A white maxi skirt is beautiful and elegant although you need to be aware of where you sit when you wear white.  Actually this goes for all white bottoms.  There is nothing more frustrating when you get up only to find that you have a mark or a stain on your skirt or pants from dirt or wet paint that you did not notice.  Also, getting some of these marks out is on occasion is quite challenging
*A delicate off white sweater is perfect for the cool spring evenings.  Such a sweater is also very useful even as just a cover up if necessary.

*Contrasting colors are important when you wear white.  This helps to create interest and drama.  You can see in the photos that we wore colorful flower tiaras that my friend Lotem made.  These unique accessories added color and contrast to our outfits.  You too can find interesting and colorful hair accessories, belts and or purses to bring your white clothes to life.

Hope you enjoyed the white dress code

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