Canadian Chic

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Canadian Chic

Today I am writing a post about Canadian fashion. It is a month after Canada Day and I am in Canada touring the beautiful city of Toronto. This city is filled with inspiring people, views, food and of course street fashion. All of those provide an amazing experience for tourists and citizens as well. Looking from the Harbor front, you get to see Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands.  While in Yorkville, you get to experience the lively atmosphere of coffee shops, restaurants and exclusive boutiques.  When you go to Kensington Market you can find a wonderful variety of fruit, vegetables cheese and meat. You are faced with an array of colors and aromas surrounding you. One of my favorite places is the CN Tower which is one of the highest buildings in the world and has an outstanding view.  With all this in mind, I took my sketch book and started drawing garments reflecting my experience here in Toronto.

 This blue dress is inspired by the presence of massive skyscrapers in Toronto. It is unique and full of volume.

This dress is structured like the colored buildings in the view of Toronto.
Hope you got inspired and enjoyed this post. In the upcoming week I will upload some more Canadian inspirations. Stay tuned.


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