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By Talia Zoref

This week, I decided to go back in time to my childhood and reunite with some of my favorite characters.  Yes, this post is all about Disney princesses and how you can create a style based on one of your favorite princesses.  I created some magical designs inspired by the princesses of my dreams.

Cinderella inspired dress by Talia Zoref


The Disney princess that I loved the most was Ariel, the Little Mermaid.  For me, Ariel represented freedom.  To show this in my designs, I used flowing fabrics which gently move as the winds blow while Ariel sits on the rocks overlooking the sea.  When she dives back into the water, the fabrics flow with the current as Ariel swims deep down to the bottom of the ocean to explore.

Ariel with her daring personality is beautiful with her unforgettable long red hair and gently shaped green tail.

Mulan, the brave fighter shows us that a princess does not always need to be delicate to stay feminine.  Mulan was an excellent role model for me since she fought for her rights and saved her country against all odds.  She really made me believe that anything is possible if you want it enough.

Mulan inspired dress by Talia Zoref

Cinderella’s dream comes true when she escapes the difficult life of being a servant cleaning, scrubbing, and doing whatever her step mother and step sisters demand.  Her life turns around when she meets and marries the prince leaving behind her ugly step sisters and step mother.  The fantasy here is that Cinderella lives happily ever after. What a wonderful fairy tale.

Cinderella shoes

Cinderella inspired dress by Talia Zoref

The Sleeping Beauty

The beautiful sleeping princess, Sleeping Beauty is always graceful even while she sleeps.  Her skin is perfect like porcelain and her beauty is timeless.  Again, the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty allows us to imagine an escape from a tragic situation.  The handsome prince arrives and saves the beautiful princess by kissing her.  Love blossoms and the happy couple lives happily ever after. 

Sleeping Beauty inspired dress by Talia Zoref


I really liked Belle because she shows us how important it is not to judge a person based on what you see on the outside.  Belle goes beyond what she sees and discovers the true and special nature of the person who everyone calls the Beast.  Belle finds love and no longer sees the part others just see as the scary and ugly Beast.

Beauty & the beast inspired dress by Talia Zoref


The character Jasmine is close to my heart since she is a Mediterranean Princess.  Since I live in this area of the world, I experience the culture and can identify with her style.  Jasmine is a chic princess and she brings the Mediterranean feeling to life with her style.  This is why I love her.

Jassmine inspired dress by Talia Zoref
Hope you enjoyed the post, have a magical week

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