How to dress for the new school year?

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How to dress for the new school year?


This week, the school year began.  After a long, fun, sunny summer vacation, it is now time to get back to school.  I would like to inspire you and show you how to start the year with style.

Of course, one of the most important items in any student's closet is  skinny jeans. They match almost every thing.  I bet you could wear them again and again without anybody noticing.  
Another item I think could be very useful is a unique college jacket which you can wear with just any shirt underneath as seen in the example I illustrated below. As you can see, it has black lace sleeves attached to a red leather vest. 
Whether you are a Cheer Leader or not, it is just so chic to wear a pleated skirt with a crop top.
It is really cool to show up with a vibrant color block oversized sweater.
Have a successful, enjoyable, stylish, and artistic school year,
All the best,

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