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Halloween Glam


Super Woman costume illustrated by Talia Zoref

One of my favorite holidays is coming up. You guessed it, Halloween.  So before preparing the pumpkins and the candies for those trick or treaters, we all know the most important thing in Halloween is picking a suitable costume to wear. That is why I will inspire you with some of my Fashion Illustrations for glamorous costume designs. Also, here are pictures of celebrities wearing some really unique costumes that I found in the Vogue Halloween archive. So if you want to be a princess or a monster this year, this post is for you.
 Spider Woman costume illustrated by Talia Zoref

 Heidi Klum on Halloween
Photo By:Getty
Debbie Harry as Showgirl
Photo By Rex Features

  Sandra Bullok and her son dressed up as skeletons.
Photo By Rex Features

The legend Michael Kors and Derek Blasberg dressed as French men
Photo By Rex Features

What is your Halloween inspiration? Share it on the FashionScissors Facebook page . Trick-or-treat give me something good to eat -in my case it is chocolate ;)

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Fashion Illustrator: Talia Zoref
Writer:Talia Zoref
Editor:Tracey Belchetz

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