2014 New Year’s Style.

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2014 New Year’s Style.


New Year’s Eve is arriving and you know what that means! Cool parties, hot midnight kisses and of course, The perfect golden dress! So I got a little inspiration and drew a few dresses that will blow you away on New Years Eve. Be prepared to look awesome and get in the vibe for the upcoming 2014J

Tips to look great in New Year’s Eve:

·         When you wear a black dress, pump it up with some colorful heels and lots of crystal jewels to look chic and expensive.

·         If you go for the sparkly dress type, make sure you don’t overdo it with accessories.

·         If you are going to a club, wear comfortable shoes [that are suitable of course]. If you ask me, girls look the best when they are comfortable.

Hope you enjoyed the post and have an amazing new year.



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