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 Writen & Illustrated by: Talia Zoref
Edited by:Tracey Belchetz

This week, I was thinking to myself, “I shop too much!  I have such creativity so why do I not invest some time and make new clothes and accessories instead of continuously buying new clothes?”   I then took the next step and decided to start working on my ecological DIY collection by writing and illustrating a post for you with solutions for us all.  Here is a simple guide for some fashionable crafts and tasks that are eco friendly and which will save you some money at the same time.  It will also give you something fun to do in your free time.

1.       Organize your wardrobe and discover some old clothes you do not remember you even have. Perhaps these items can be trendy again.  If you are lucky you could even find some vintage pieces.

2.       Remake old T-shirts or jeans by cutting, gluing and just making them really cool. Go wild!  It can be so much fun to create.

3.       If you still want to stick to shopping, I would recommend buying vintage and second hand clothes.  Another idea that comes to mind is to buy from ecological brands, although they are usually more pricey.  However after saying that, perhaps you may get lucky and find a good deal. My favorite way to shop cheaply and eco friendly at the same time is to buy your clothes at markets where you may be able to find original and cheap pieces.

 Have a green week ,
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