Heart To Heart Weekend

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Written and illustrated by: Talia zoref
I am so glad to finally be posting this today. I was so distracted with my matriculation exams lately so I hardly had time to write. Disappointingly, it took me more time than I imagined to recover from the matriculation exams and the pressure. However, one thing I managed to incorporate in my busy schedule was drawing my fashion illustrations during every spare moment I had. Thus, now when I am relaxed, I can now post some of my creations from this busy period in my life. These are the illustrations from my last year of high school:


Also, I wanted to share a couple of other things with you that I am excited about. The first thing concerns the biggest teen magazine in Israel, "Maariv La'noar" which chose to feature me as their "talented reader" and posted my drawing. I am really happy about this. Here is my drawing:

My illustration which was displayed on Maariv La'noar

The second thing that I was really thrilled about and wanted to share with you is that I am working on my first lingerie collection. Guess what ? It is going to be made out of recycled materials. I am going to present it next month as my final art project for my graduating art exhibition. I really hope it is going to be perfect. At the moment, I am working on it and designing it step by step.

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