Red Carpet Fantasies

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Written and Illustrated by: Talia Zoref
Edited by: Tracey Belchetz

What gowns did I illustrate for Lady GAGA, Beyoncé and Katy Perry to wear in the Grammy awards 2014? continue reading to find out.



The2014 Grammy Awards coming up helped to inspire me to illustrate some dresses that I would love to design for some famous stars to wear on the red carpet.

I would like to dedicate the first dress to Lady Gaga.
The dress is purple colored which has a fitted avant-garde silhouette and is open around the stomach area, but continues around to the back. On the lower part of the dress, I added purple electrical light wires that are bent around and extend out of the dress.  These lights remind me of purple fire or a sea witch emerging out of the deep water as seen with Ursula and her many legs. The wires with the lights add volume to the dress and create a wonderful effect.  This dress is certainly avant-garde enough to suit Lady Gaga’s personality, although we have not seen her wear anything like this yet.

The next dress is dedicated to Katy Perry.

Katy Perry is a singer with a unique vintage sense of style.  She likes wearing vibrant colors and always looks feminine.  Thus, I designed her a colorful dress with a high and low flowing silhouette.  The dress has a line of different colors going down from the front middle.  I designed this dress by thinking about how mosaics look and how fish scales are nicely lined up.

The final dress I designed was inspired by Beyonce and is also dedicated to her
This dress is draped and emphasizes the curves of the body.  Beyonce is all about performance and sex appeal so for her, I designed a bright dress to show off her beautiful curves.
I would like to make a toast to all of us to make our Red Carpet fantasies come alive.
Have a wonderful week.

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