Winter MODE

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 Winter MODE

Written and Illustrated by: Talia Zoref
Edited by: Tracey Belchetz

The New Year has arrived and with it, we are facing a very cold winter season.  I became inspired with the beautiful snowy and wet landscapes we are currently seeing although it is very frosty out. I drew a glamorous coat and shoes collection to beat the cold and look great at the same time.  Honestly, I always prefer the sunny, hot days of summer to these rainy and snowy days, mainly because I wear eye glasses and they always get wet in the rain and fogged up from the cold so this makes it hard for me to see properly when I am out walking on a stormy day.  However, having said this, I must say that I did miss the winter fashions during the hot summer.  
The new winter fashions are the highlight of my winter.  Okay, I admit it; I love hot chocolate with marshmallows during the winter as well and wait for that too.  
Below is my collection for this winter.  It is very special to me since the colors give me a creative escape from the cold of winter.  This is my way to go wild and be free.
In these illustrations, I used a lot of colors to give warmth and at the same time, provide a nice and cozy feeling. I used a rich green which reminds me of a healthy plant just after it is watered. I also mixed all kinds of textures and patterns to create interest.  Eventually after some thought, I created these great illustrations that I am proud to share with you.  Oh yes, if you see someone with a sketch book drawing clothes on the bus, most probably it is me.
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