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Written by Talia Zoref

Art history has always been one of my favorite sources of inspiration. Whenever I lack an idea or search for a different, new style, I look at some of the art master pieces from different periods in history. That is one of the ways I refresh my thoughts with new ideas for shapes, colors, textures, and compositions. Thus, I put this post together to present some of my innovative designs which are influenced by some of the world’s most recognizable paintings.

The first design is influenced by the painting, "The Scream" by Edward Monk.  I drew a dress colored in the same colors of the painting, blue and orange. The colors contrast and create drama in the piece.  Also, following the style of the painting, I tried to keep the brush strokes visible in my illustration in the same way Monk did.  Due to the strong emotions seen in the painting, I created a dress with a pattern which lots of volume with the purpose to achieve a theatrical feeling.

"The Scream" by Monk

The second dress I designed was inspired by Kandinsky’s painting, "Yellow Red and Blue."  The painting has a number of various shapes and colors.  Here,I wanted to bring these features to life in my design. Thus, the dress is bright and has sharp colors such as blue, green, red, and yellow.  Also, the dress has an uneven shape since I wanted to play with the volume of the dress and to reach the same effect as seen in the painting.

 Kandinsky’s painting, "Yellow, Red, and Blue"
The third dress below was inspired by Japanese art which is extremely different from the western style of art that we are used to seeing.  Japanese art always makes me stop and think because it is so unconventional.  I wanted to create an illustration that is just as mysterious as the Japanese paintings, yet has the same simplicity and modesty which I find to be unforgettable.  The dress I created has a very simple cut and colors (black and white) although the model’s face is not seen and is colored in red.

 A Japanese painting

I hope  you have a creative and fantastic week.


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