TLV Fashion Week 2014 Red Carpet Chic

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Gindi TLV Fashion Week 2014 Red Carpet

Written and Photographed By Talia Zoref
Fashion Bloggers Salom'e Alex & Magane Meimoun from France at TLV Fashion week
Today is a really exciting day for me since I went to my first Fashion Week event ever!
I am really glad I got to go to the Gindi TLV Fashion week and had the chance to meet some incredible, talented and original bloggers, designers and stylists. The Fashion Shows were absolutely beautiful and the guests sense of style was amazing. Here are some of the best outfits I saw today. Enjoy.  
Talia Zoref (Fashion Scissors) on the red carpet

Danit Kubani and Fashion blogger Shahar Kindler
Stylist Anna Karpunov
Fashion Photographer Tamar Karavan
Hila Rahav
Fashion bloggers of Ya Salam And Ira Simonov
Fashion Blogger Stav Gal
Actress and TV host Orna Datz
TV host and Fashion Designer Shai-Lee Shindler

Fashion Designer Ronen Chen with Fashion Illustrator Shira Barzili
Model and blogger Ray Segev
Talia Zoref and Model Shirly Buganim
Producer Angelina Gratz
Model Liel Danir
Russian Fashion blogger and
Designer Vova Fruck
Actress and Model Hen Shilony
Uriael Ykutiel with Ronen Chen

Talia Zoref at the entrence to the Disney Fashion Show

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