TLV Fashion Week Runway Sketches

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TLV Fashion Week Runway Sketches

Illustrations by Talia Zoref of the Gideon Oberson Fashion Show

This week, I went to the TLV Gindi Fashion Week and had a wonderful chance to attend great fashion shows, meet wonderful people, and take beautiful pictures.  During the last show, I finally had some time to illustrate some runway sketches.  Here are some of my fashion illustrations from the Gideon Oberson Fashion Show.

I think the designs in this show were very vibrant and full of life so when drew, I tried to capture the atmosphere of this collection.  I saw some really elegant swimsuits and colorful dresses in strong colors such as solid red, blue, yellow, and green during this show.   Some of the garments that fascinated me were cardigans made of chiffon and jersey blended together in a striped print.  I thought this show was interesting and innovative and I was really glad I had the opportunity to illustrate it.


The Fashion Show

I hope that this post gave you a taste of the glamorous outfits.

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