Final Art Project !- A couture collection made from recycled products

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After a whole year working on my final art  project, I finally submitted it this week. When I was doing this, I was also tested on my thesis.  I have to say that I felt so thrilled and proud to present my work after investing many hours of developing, thinking and bringing my ideas to reality.

All the projects of all the students were displayed in an exhibit and our work was evaluated by an artist who acted as the examiner. In this post, I would like to share my project with you since it touches on an important societal issue that we  are all continuously exposed to.

My project focuses on how women are used as sex objects to sell different products.  The idea came to me while I was watching TV.  I noticed how there are so many commercials that show sexy women and certain sexist ideas to sell various products from bottled water to candies which truly have nothing to do with sex.
To fulfill my vision, I designed a lingerie collection of three garments that are all made out of plastic and wrapping from different products in order to show that the commercials turn the woman into a product by using her as a sexual object.
I hope that this post helps you to rethink your consumption habits and help you become more aware of the types of promotion used in advertisements.
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