Restart your style for spring

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 Restart your Style for Spring


Fashion Illustration Talia Zoref
When the weather warms up and the sun begins to shine, new designer collections are starting to be launched. This means that the time has come to start wardrobe shopping and figuring out what is going to be your 2014 spring style.

Fashion Illustration Talia Zoref
Personally, I love fresh starts.  Every season is a new beginning and I always think of new ways to reinvent  my wardrobe.  This season, I feel that my  style has taken a step forward.  Therefore, I am wearing more vibrant colors and trying to combine bolder textures and jewelry together. Recently, I have been illustrating a lot of checkered garments since I feel that this trend is growing on me and honestly, I really like the effect.

Fashion Illustration Talia Zoref

Take note, tie belts are in and add an interesting twist to your outfit.  For example, just think about how you can make a plain skirt into something special with a tie belt.
Another item you should add to your wardrobe this season is a colorful envelope clutch since it can make you look even more stylish.  Add such an accessory to your jeans and a T-shirt and upgrade your outfit.

Have a fantastic spring and enjoy the fresh style.


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