A Beautiful Summer Collection

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A Beautiful Summer Collection

My Favorite Dress in the collection\ Photo By:PR

Recently, I saw the new summer collection of the designer, Ronen Chen who I had the honor to meet at Tel Aviv Fashion Week.  I just absolutely loved some of the pieces in his collection, which were both flattering and innovative. I also loved the way he combined solid colors with geometrical prints.  The beads around the neckline were so unique in one of the garments that they increased interest in the garment. In my opinion, many women would find that they look good in this collection since it is so diverse and classic.

 Photo By:PR
Illustration by Talia Zoref inspired by a summer beach collection

My favorite piece in this collection was a black dress with a white print which I featured at the beginning of this post. I think it is very feminine and it would look extremely sophisticated to go out to a fancy event in this dress with a nice pair of pumps.  It could also be something to wear with a nice pair of sandals while going shopping.

Photo By:PR
The garment above is a beautiful, delicate, flowing beach wrap.  It is perfect for sitting by the beach enjoying the warm wind and listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the shoreline.
This certainly makes me look forward to the warm, sunny days ahead.
Have a good day and I hope you like this collection as much as I did.

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