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 Model Margo Vered with Host Nona Chalant
Earlier this month, I had the privilege and honor of attending a pre-launch event for the new Art & Fashion Magazine, Con Art.

From the beginning of this event, I was breath taken.  Con Art chose a very stylish venue, the Brown Hotel, to host this very classy event which reflected the magazine’s sophistication and elegance.  Upon arrival, I was faced with a variety of colorful and tasty desserts as well as a magnificent view of the city from the hotel rooftop where this event took place.

Con Art Magazine is a new Avante Garde magazine which will feature new and up and coming Artists and Designers.  If the event is an indication of what is to come, I have to say that I was extremely impressed by the organization of the event and the presentation of activities during the evening.  The beautiful Nona Chalant hosted the launch for Con Art. The live fashion photo shoot was absolutely fascinating and the talented photographer, Shay Kedem recorded this wonderful shoot. While I was watching I felt that I was witnessing art come to life. 

Me with Sharon Esther, Founder of Con Art.
During the evening, I spoke to the Founder of the magazine, Sharon Esther.  Sharon explained to me that the goal of the magazine is to connect people who do not have any knowledge of art with a refreshing and artistic point of view.  I strongly feel that this is something that is really needed in society today since many people sadly do not have the opportunity to understand and consequently, appreciate art.  Thus, I believe it is very important to give people a comfortable place where they can learn about art in a language they can understand in order to give them an avenue to enjoy it, appreciate it, and see the wonderful ideas that are found in different forms of art.  Furthermore, I also believe that artists deserve more recognition and this magazine is the perfect tool to bring the artists closer to the people.

The beautiful model with the stylist Gili Sivan
I am convinced that Con Art has a role to play to bring art and people together and my feeling is that this magazine is going to be great for the people without understanding of art, the industry, and the people in the industry.  This is a win-win situation and I personally cannot wait for the magazine to come out.

The live Fashion Photoshoot
 Nona Chalant wearing a beautiful dress designed by Mark Goldenberg with Sharon Esther during the final speech.

On the roof top

Nona Chalant and I

Have an artistic week!

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