Beauty City Tokyo- The promised land

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 Beauty City Tokyo- The promised land


Red carpet shot!

 A couple of days ago I visited the biggest beauty event in Israel, Beauty City. This year, the theme of the event was Tokyo. The place, the food and the style were all decorated in the Japanese traditional way.
I really enjoyed the Japan inspired fashion shows which were interesting and Innovative. I was truly impressed by the way one of the garments on the runway was shaped to look like paper folded in Origami, a Japanese known art technique.


Other entertaining activities that took place at Beauty city were makeup, styling and beauty workshops taught by the known makeup artists and stylists in Israel.
I had a lot of fun in beauty city Tokyo and I even did some nailpolish shopping and learned a few things about using makeup.


Already looking forward to next year’s event,

PS. here is a picture of me at my prom with the dress I sewed and designed:)

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