Eilat Paradise

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Eilat Paradise

I was so glad to take a break from my usual routine and head to the south last week. I traveled to a city called Eilat which is a tourist resort in Israel. I was so lucky to travel with my family and just relax for one whole week. during my trip I was inspired from the stunning sea shore and the beautiful fish that I saw. I was also Amazed by the the Tall palm trees and the warm desert winds.

If you ever come to Israel, You should definitely check out this great place. I came out of there refreshed and full of new ideas. Oh, and the shopping there is pretty awsome as well. There is a special shopping mall in the city which has a huge ice ring in the middle of it. For those who do not plan on going in to a mall during their vacation, there is also a market right on the sea shore in Eilat where it is possible to get cool Henna Tattoos and brades.
Here are some of the best moments from my trip and of course some of my designes inspired by this beautiful place.

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