Fly Away

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Flying Away

After a bussy, long and hot summer in Tel Aviv I am finally taking vacation and flying to Toronto. My summer was full of fashion and events, although work took up a lot of my spare time away and I had less time for my hobbies. I did not write a post for quite a few weeks because I was so distracted by work and every day life tasks. I was waiting for this 12 hour flight to catch up and write.

So the theme of the post today is flights. I got some inspiration from my current surroundings and started to draw clothes in this theme. the blue sky, the mistury filled clouds and of course the stong force of the wind made me want to just capture them on a peice of paper.

The garments I drew are both flowing and free the same way it is in the sky. where there are no bounders and there is pure freedom.
I hope you liked my designs this week and I hope they motivate you to grow free and do what you are passionate about.


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