NYFW Street Style

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New York Fashion Week Street Style

As you know, NY Fashion Week has the most unique street fashion in the world since all the most successful and interesting people in the industry attend this event wearing their most fashionable outfits.  I love the creativity demonstrating the individuality and character of the various attendees.  This week is unlike the usual cohesive, ordinary trends that we see in magazines.  Here, street fashion is a true live art performance which makes a statement.

My designs are inspired by street fashion and I like to choose colors and patterns that I like.  During New York Fashion week, I truly loved the outfits I saw and I would love to share them with you here.

Bianca Venerayan & Dani Roche

By Designer KL tyree

Kenley Collins

Heather Petrey

Photographer Katrin Albert wearing a jumpsuit by Jennie Vee

Fashion Designer Berezhneva Christina ChrisBer’Y 

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