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Who said people in a wheelchair do not deserve to wear the latest trends and stay comfortable?
A couple days ago, I had the wonderful opportunity go listen to the designer Izzy Camilleri, the journalist Jenne Beker, and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) curator, Alexandra Palmer talk about the latest exhibit presenting high end fashion for peoplewho are in wheelchairs named "Fashion Follows Form." Izzy Camilleri, the talented and innovative designer started the first fashionable clothing line that is suited for people who sit in wheelchairs. The brand is named "IZ adaptive" and it has special features which help improve the quality of life of disabled peoples. 

 The sitting Bride and Groom.

When asked what is different in the clothing needs of people who are in wheelchairs versus standing people, Izzy gave a few interesting answers. I still do not understand how no one thought of these ideas before. First of all, a person in a wheelchair needs a different shape of clothing, or in other words, a completely different pattern. Throughout history, clothes were manufactured and sewed with a pattern for a standing body, but what no one ever realized that when a person is in a seated position, the measurements of our bodies are different. In addition, these people cannot get dressed by themselves and they need an attendant to dress them. As a result, they are usually limited in the types of clothes that they can buy. The main goal of purchasing clothes is not for the disabled person but to make it eassier for the attendant to dress the person.

I truly recommend coming to see this exhibition since it is different, fashionable, and very meaningful. The exhibit displays the designer's regular and adaptive collections, sketches and development process of the people in wheelchairs. All this is also shown with backround information about the construction of patterns in different times of history

For more information go to the Royal Ontario Museum website

here is the video intro for the exhibit

and last,  the IZ adaptive site

Have a great week:)

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