Fashion in Politics

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Fashion In Politics

By Diesel - "Creativity is my wepan" collection presenting all models with covered faces.

Last week I went to see the exhibit Fashion In Politics curated by Jenneie Becker at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The exhibit shows different political and social issues and how they were reflected in fashion design throughout the 20'th and the 21st centuries. One of the interesting social involved collections was inspired by the arab spring and designed by Jeremey Scott, contained both Amarican and arab influences inorder to show how the arab world is being Amaricamized and moving to the western side of the world.

Climate Revolution

Outfit by Yohjo Yamamoto

Musician Jhon Lennon and his wife Yoko ono calling for peace!

"I didn't know what to wear today so I put on a designer T-SHIRT"

Collection for the first Drag makeup photoshoot for MAC

First Collection inspired by cheap fastfood by Moschino

Other inspiring collections which were presented were designd by alexander Mcqueen, Vivienne westwood, Diesel, Yohji Yamamoto, Moschino and more inspiring designers that their collections bring Sexuality, animal rights, womens rights, and humans equality to attention.
I found this exhibit really interesting and learned a lot about fashion, politics and history. I advise people who are interested in these three subjects to go see it.

 Protest against use of animal fur in fashion.
"Arab Spring" collection by Jeremey Scott.

The exhibit runs until January. For more details check out The Design Exchange Website

Have an AMAZING week!

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