Talia Zoref Designed A Fascinator Collection for: YLF2014 Fashion Show

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Talia Zoref Designed A Fascinator Collection for:
YLF2014 Fashion Show
backstage #YLF2014 Fashion Show. wearing Talia Zoref Fascinators.
from left to right: Fashion Designer Talia Zoref, Model Sandrina Santos, Drag Queen Darn Ahh and designer Briar Anne Lee.

I had the honnor to design a collection for the Youth Love Fashion Fashion Show at the IterContinental Hotel, Toronto. 
Blogger And Fashion Designer, Talia Zoref

For the first time in my life, a few days ago, I presented my first, one of a kind collection on the runway. I presented my designs through the youth program, Pact and The Make Den Studio. I truly got to fulfill a dream of mine and present my fascinator collection at an amazing charity fashion show with incredible and talented designers who I will introduce in the following posts. My collection is a one of a kind, hand sewed, elegant fascinator collection which I designed to be comfortable and very fashion forward. Before I show you all the wonderful moments from backstage, I would like to thank Irene Stickney, the Owner and Founder of the Make Den Studio and a person who is very dear to my heart. Irene supported me the whole way and gave me this amazing opportunity.  I would also like tothank the Toronto Fashion Academy for the generous scholarship. The photo shoot of the collection and the pictures from the runway have not arrived yet, so until then, here is a sneak peak backstage of the YLF2014 Fashion Show:

Designers Dalina and Talia

Designers Laural and Talia

Dancers right before the preformance backstage

Designer and Blogger Talia Zoref with Model Sandrine Santos

Designer and Stylist Aziz Vivant with Fashion Designer and Blogger Talia Zoref
 Fashion Designer and blogger Talia Zoref with Model and Designer Kiana

Talia with Drag Queen Durn Ahh

Spellbound Hairstyling for the show

Getting Makeup On! 

Talia Zoref

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