WMCFW Day 3#

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World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 3#

Today was a great day at WorldMaster Card Fashion Week full of exciting Fashion shows and events such as Rudybois, Makage, Christopher bates, Rachel Sin and more. From a musical perspective, I especially enjoyed the drums the Klaxonhowl fashion show. It showed me how a good pace can give a great vibe for the clothes presented. I also truly enjoyed myself at the TFI buyer event where I met some incredibly talented designers. in three words I can say the day was fashionable, fun, and fresh.
Waiting for tomorrow,


Talia Zoref with Matthew Smith from American Next Top Model from this season 

TFI Fashion Buying Event:

I love the simpilcity!


Rudybois Fashion Show:


Christopher Bates Fashion Show

Klaxonhowl Fashion Show:


Media Lounge Friends :)
Fashion Scissors, The Fashion Pingpong and Fatima!

Last touchups!

Beautiful before the Christopher Bates Fashion show

Nice meeting you wonderful models.

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