Aleks Susak Fashion show!

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Aleks Susak Fashion show

Photo by: George Pimentel

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure to go to the first fashion show of the designer Aleks Susak.
Putting together a stunning collection of high quality, artistic garments, Alex has created a successful line which I think is perfect for the fashion concious Canadian woman. Some of the garments in the collection also had really beautiful details such as gorgeous paintings and beautiful belts. In this collection you can find light washed high waisted jeans, leather jackets and also beautiful maxi dresses and knee length tailored pencil skirts.
I was especially amazed by Susak's paintings on the beautiful simple garments. Flowers, butterflies and peacock feathers are just a few examples of the designs Susak painted upon a variety of jackets, dresses and skirts. This technique added an interesting vibe to the show which I have not seen yet.
I cannot wait to see what Aleks Susak will design in her next collection.
Photo by: George Pimentel
Photo by: George Pimentel
Photo by: George Pimentel
Photo by: George Pimentel

Talia Zoref at the Aleks Susak Fashion Show

A beautiful back view of this denim jacket on the runway!

The designer Aleks Susak is being interviewed after the show

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