Fashion Scissors at New York Mercedes Bends Fashion week SS 2014\15

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Fashion Scissors at NY Fashion Week SS 2014\15- Recap

Photo By: PR
Tommie Hilfiger Fashion Show SS 2015

Last Month during NY Fashion Week, I was truly inspired by the new designer collections. I found Alon Livne's collection really interesting and out of the box when he used hard  materials to create stunning one of a kind evening gowns. Further more, he used asymmetrical patterns which made the garments even more interesting.Another inspiring collection Designed by Tommie Hilfiger was based on a circus concept  and included gorgeous capes, shorts and crop tops.I was also amazed by the gucci collection presented which contained a variety of bright colors and detailed beading. Lastly, I enjoyed observing these refreshing collections and I believe these collections are the guide lines to the new upcoming trend of this season. 

Photo by: PR
Tommie Hilfiger Fashion Show SS 2015

At the Tommie Hilfiger Show
video By : Lior Donskoy

Photo by: Lior Donskoy

Song of Style and The Blonde Salad at the Tommie Hilfiger Fashion Show
Photo By Lior Donskoy

From the Alon Livne Fashion Show

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