Headpiece Collection- Photoshoot

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Model: Rina Is
Photographers: Jeremy Rodney- Hall and Alejandra Arellano
Makeup: Chanel McCollin
Designer: Talia Zoref

Recently, I launched an original, glamorous and unique collection of fascinators.
It was inspired by the contrast between the futuristic technological world and the feminine traditional fascinators created across history and worn by high society inspiring women such as art lover Isabella Blow, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Cleopatra and more. I used a metallic constructed ribbon, Velvet, Silk, Peacock feathers, and Crystal beads to create these high Fashion, comfortable and beautiful headpieces. Furthermore, the headpieces were launched in the YLF 2014 fashion show in the Intercontinental hotel in Toronto, featured in the Toronto Star,  and worn by hairstylist Cici Bear, Drag-Queen Darn Ahh, and Stylist Aziz Vivant.
 If you are interested to purchase, use in photo-shoots, stage, TV or receive more details, contact me at: fashionscissorsnet@gmail.com 

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