Styling The Bay Fashion Show

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Styling the Hudson's Bay Fashion Show!

My Mood Board for planing the show. 

Last week I was chosen to create a theme and style for the Hudson's Bay annual Fashion Show in collaboration with the Toronto Fashion Academy. My main inspirations for the looks in the fashion show were red beautiful birds which symbolize freedom and the queen of hearts which symbolizes strength. Thus, The main theme was" Strong as a queen and free as a bird" which is actually a description of the modern woman of 2015.
It was a magical opportunity to go through the whole fashion department at the Hudson's Bay, pick my looks and share my Ideas and style with the store's managers. I also created two looks in the fashion show. The first look I created was a casual fun outfit that adds brightness to the Canadian winter with a bold lace red dress and a printed black and white coat. I added to it some beautiful pearls and golden necklaces by the amazing brand "Expression" and a loose braid hairdo to give some more freedom to the look. 
The Fashion show was amazing and the whole backstage team including the organizers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and models did an amazing job. 

Photo credit: Just Creative Services Facebook Page

 Photo credit: Just Creative Services Facebook Page

 MAC'S makeup models a week before the show at The Bay

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