The Girl Who Wore Mcqueen

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A Fashion inspiration

Writer: Talia Zoref
A few weeks ago, when I visited the Isabella Blow Showroom Exhibit at the Hudson's Bay Store in Toronto, I realized how beautiful, yet ruthless and destructive the life of a fashion socialite can be. Isabella, known as a successful fashion writer, stylist and fashion supporter reinvented the fashion world we know today by discovering phenomenal designers including Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy. Isabella was known also for her amazing taste and love for clothes and headpieces. She was also the Assistant of the Editor and Chief of Vogue USA, Anna Wintour. Despite her amazing accomplishments, Isabella met a tragic end when she became depressed and ended her life by drinking poison. 

When I saw this exhibit, I was astounded. I felt so touched when I stood in front of the beautiful, distinct clothes she had saved for herself in her closet. For me, these items were pieces of important and creative art. Those clothes and head pieces were actually crafted and designed by two of the world’s most famous designers Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy. The pieces were each beautifully tailored and so distinctly different from the pieces of clothing which I ever seen in the past. I could actually feel the hours of work put into these garments just from viewing the original details that were embellished upon  them. 
Moreover, the exhibit caused me to become fascinated by Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen. As a fashion student and journalist, I could not help myself  from searching for more details about them. Isabella's tragic death and hardships in life really made me think how it is so unfortunate that such big artists end up depressed and commit suicide. It is very sad and terribly unfortunate that such artists do not receive the appreciation they deserve when they are still alive and end up leaving the world so abruptly, thus leaving us without their incredible talent.
As artists and as people, we should all feel sad about such losses. Although I also believe that we should try to help others if we can in order to prevent such needless tragedy from occurring. We should embrace our talent and think of new ways to innovate the world and our surroundings with the aim of making it a better place. We should also be happy with who we are. Art is the world’s greatest power and by thinking out of the box, helping others, and developing new technology, it will benefit us all and we can move forward. Please, take a moment and just think what you can do to make the world a better place. Leave a mark whether it be by crafting a controversial piece of art, changing a garment, or if just giving a helping hand to someone who is passionate and wants to fulfill a dream.

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