Kilian Kerner Fashion Show (MBFWB Day #1)

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Kilian Kerner Fashion Show (MBFWB Day #1)

Without a doubt, the Kilian Kerner offsite Fashion Show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin was one of the surprising 
highlights of the week. The collection was presented in a huge hall decorated with a middle-eastern vibe displaying vibrant colorful sweaters, dresses and suits. These designs are actually inspired by a time when the designer traveled to Dublin after he was hurt from someone he loved deeply and wanted to run away. When he was in Dublin, Kilian says he felt truly safe surrounded by the nature and got really inspired. As he says: "What does it mean being safe? What makes you feel safe? Because that is what Ireland somehow did to me."
Furthermore, there was an amazing after-show-party with lots of great gift bags and very nice people. I was also driven to the show with a special Fashion Week Mercedes Benz limo which was pretty awesome.  

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