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Last week I heard about the new online designer brand Komono By Mika(www.komono-mika.co.il), whose goal is to provide the perfect, trendy and affordable outfits for their consumer. I illustrated a few of my favorite garments that are sold on Komono and also wanted to introduce you to the founder of Komono By Mika, Mika Efrati Cohen.

About Mika and Komono:
I graduated the Fashion Design Program at Shenkar College last year and launched my new brand Komono.
The brand is contemporary and trendy, but yet, is high quality and holds a unique sense of style.
The New Komono By Mika collection is a mix of my designs along with imports. The website constantly get’s new items since Komono’s emphasis is on the total look you search for. The site adds complementary items that will help create a fashionable outfit in an easier and faster way.

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