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My Interview with Idan Cohen for Fashion Collective Magazine
Fashion Collective’s international correspondent Talia Zoref interviews fashion designer Idan Cohen who presented his latest collection at NYFW 2015.

Idan Cohen is a Tel-Aviv based bridal and evening-wear designer who presented his first collection at New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015. His newest collection is a mixture of femininity and sexiness that every woman embodies within herself. I had the pleasure to interview Idan, a young designer who never stops dreaming of becoming a worldwide brand someday.
FC: How did you end up becoming a bridal designer?

Idan: What I love about fashion is Haute Couture. The HC market is basically the bridal market and the celebrity market. I decided to start off with bridal gowns but I have also been creating eveningwear since my first days as a designer

FC: You studied Fashion Design at the famous Marangoni Institute in London. Tell me about your experience.

Idan: London is a great city I had a lot of fun there. The streets are inspiring; the fashion, the people, and the architecture in this city are truly interesting and different. I met a lot of great people in the fashion industry but I always wanted to work back home, in Tel Aviv.

FC: What was the most important thing you learned at school?

Idan: I learned that you have to look at the bigger picture. It is important to tell a story with your designs. It is also important to design from different angel/ perspectives and most importantly to have your own voice.
FC: You were chosen to present your collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York. How did you get this opportunity?

Idan: I sent an email to Kelly Cutrone (Fashion Producer) and she responded asking for a Skype call with me. She really loved what I was doing. When I became a representative of Kelly, IMG saw my work, got information about my designs and asked to see some collections. After a few weeks they invited me for a meeting, one week passed and I got an email saying that I had been chosen to present in MBFW 2015.
FC: When did you design your first wedding gown?

Idan: I made my first wedding gown 4 years ago. I designed it for my sister-in-law and incorporated beautiful French Solstiss lace into the gown.

FC: What is your biggest dream as a fashion designer?

Idan: My dream is to become a worldwide brand.

FC: Tell me about your experience building your own bridal studio in Tel Aviv.

Idan: After I spent a year working at a jeans company, I decided to open up my own studio in Tel Aviv. It was a small boutique on Dizzengoff St. Today, I have a big store on Neve Tzedek Street in Tel Aviv, 400 sq meters.

FC: What is your definition of success in the fashion industry?

Idan: I want to be satisfied from what I do and create. I would like a lot of celebrities to wear my clothes and my collection to sell worldwide.
FC: Who is the style icon you dream of designing a wedding dress for?

Idan: Scarlet Johansson is definitely a person I want to design a dress for.

FC: What are your tips for a young bridal fashion designer getting started?

Idan: Never stop dreaming!

Visit Idan Cohen at http://www.idancohen.net/visit Talia Zoref at http://fashionscissors.net/
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