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Due to the upcoming fashion fashion weeks, World Master Card Fashion Week and Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week I prepared this article specially for all of us, journalists and fashionistas attending the fashion shows in order to make sure we have  all the necessary items in order to survive this tiring and beautiful week. 
1.Comfortable shoes- For standing hours on your feet and networking between the shows. Being comfortable makes you more beautiful and graceful.
2.Light weight purse-Trust me, there is nothing worse than having to carry a heavy purse all day long. Do yourself a favor.
3.Laptop/ Tablet- If you are covering fashion week you better have your laptop with you. Just make sure it does not weigh too much.
4.PHONE- Well, If you are not glued to your phone and social media I truly do not understand how you got invited to fashion week.
5.Camera- Yep, A camera is always good for taking good quality pictures and saving some battery life on your phone. 
6.Lipstick and make up- Touch up all day long in order to keep yourself looking glorious as ususal.
7.Dental floss- Do I really need to explain how embarrassing it is when something gets stuck in your teeth and you have no way of getting it out?
8.Gum- Refresh your breath!

9.Pocket Mirror- You will need it for applying your lipstick and checking your smile once in a while:) 
10.Wallet- Always good to have money for taxies, food and bevrages.
11.Get Taxi/ Moovit- In case you need Directions for public transport or need a taxi. These are two amazing apps to have on your phone.
12.The perfect outfit- It is fashion week after all, so show off your style.
13.Business Cards- This is a great way to network and exchange personal information easily besides Social Media.
14.Small notebook-  When your phone is charging, you will be surprised how handy a note book can be.
15.Sunglasses- The perfect way to look chic while you are taking a nap in the middle of a fashion show.
17.Cover-up- One thing I know about fashion week is that the temperature inside fashion week is always a lot different than the temperature outside. Take a light cover you can easily wear and take off.
18.Deodorant- Smelling good is the key to success so take deodorant because nobody likes body oder. 
19.Chargers-The worst thing to forget at home is your charger. especially when you need to post articles 24/7.
20.Confidence and a great mood- That my friends, is most important. Fashion Week is supposed to be fun so just enjoy it.

If you have any other suggestions you are welcome to send them to the email fashionscissorsnet@gmail.com 

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