HAPPY NEW YEAR- How to Start 2016 On The Right Side?

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3 tips for the mew year!
1.CELEBRATE- Celebrate, Have fun and enjoy 2016! remember, It is a lot more fun to live a vibrant,colorful life. Go out, get some fresh air!

2. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR- I know it sounds silly but this tip will serve you well for 2016. If your hair will look good this year, you can avoid all those bad hair days out there and not have to spend hours wining to your friends about your hair not looking good again. If you want to start getting your hair soft and pretty, I recommend TAMAR cosmetic line which will get your hair in shape 
 BE CREATIVE - Being creative is not just knowing to paint, it is thinking out of the box, Dedicating time to figure out how to help others and improve our world. I call all of you to do so and be creative in order to make our world a better place. 

LOVE YOURSELF- The most important thing in life is acceptance. Spend your year loving yourself and others will love you as well. To start, I recommend getting yourself a beautiful Bra from Expose. They make every woman feel amazing.

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