3 Jewellry Designers I Cannot Resist

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This month, jewelry became an essential part in my life. Since it is extremely hot in Tel Aviv these days, there is no better life saver that upgrades your outfit in minutes than a cool, chic piece of jewelry. Thus, I gathered three incredibly talented designers and illustrated some of their beautiful artwork in order to show you how easily you can upgrade your black strapless dress in this heat. 

The talented Jewelry Designer from Hong Kong launched her new exciting collection in collaboration with Magazina. As usual, her diamond jewelry took my breath away and made my heart shine. 


The well known designer always knows how to surprise me with her wonderful world of creations. Here is a new ring from her collection which you can personalize with a special letter. Here is mine with a T.


Shlomit, known as a delicate jewelry designer always knows how to make things interesting but not too overwhelming. here are a few pieces from her collection. 

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