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Did you ever hear the sentence "A diamond is a girls best friend"? While I think that with me they made a mistake. Do not get me wrong, I always loved diamonds, but I can not help to say that my true love has always been a nice designer bag. I always had a special place in my heart for purses. So I took a day this week and focused on illustrating a few purses I absolutely desire.

1. Dolce and Gabanna- This beautiful purse designed by D&G is one of the highlights of this season. The romantic roses and black background give an amazing dramatic effect.

Perfume- Calvin Klein 

Medusa Bags- Medusa is one of the more interesting brands I came across lately. The designs Medusa creates are made from a special plastic Material decorated with fascinating patterns.
I am sure that Medusa has the potential to become the next big wold trend.  

Diorama purses by Dior- There is no doubt my favorite purse collection of all times is the Diorama collection by Dior. For me, this collection is the ultimate classic. You can wear it everywhere and with everything and look just amazing. There is something about the special structure of the Diorama purses that looks so well tailored and luxuries.

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