NYFW: Best Instagram Sketches

by - 4:36:00 PM

Being a Fashionholic and Instagram addict, I could not help myself but spend the last seven days glued to my feed looking at the beautiful moments happening in New York Fashion Week. 
Unfortunately, I could not attend NYFW due to my busy schedule and regretted every moment I did not go. but hey, next week I am going to sketch Milan fashion week, so not everything is so bad. 
Here are three captured I just had to sketch.

This beautiful model at the Victoria Beckham Fashion Show totally took my breath and became a beautiful muse for me when I saw a picture of her staring at the camera backstage as she is in the line to go on the runway. 

The lovely Beauty Blogger Ashley Waxman showed us her cool style when she flew to NYFW with Maybelline New York and I rushed to sketch her beautiful outfit.
 The IT Girl, Dana Zarmon reminded us how great her style is as she was posing on the New York Fashion Week red carpet.

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