Drawing The Fall: What are you going to wear next season?

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With NYFW reviling all the new NYC Spring Summer collections last week, I went to a few launches to check what interesting collections are available to wear this season. So which designer wear did I see? what trends are going to lead this September? and finally, which garments did I favor and rush to illustrate? Follow my fall fashion adventure and check out these awesome outfits.

The dress illustrated above is a beautiful Little Black dress I saw at the Maya Negri fashion show I attended. Every time I am invited to Maya's collection launches I arrive with a creative appetite. The innovative designer always knows to turn classics such as the little black dress into sophisticated trendy outfits.  Thus, I am convinced wearing this gorgeous dress is just a perfect move for this fall! It is trendy, classic, and so practical. You can wear it for lunch with a pear of sneakers and than just move quickly at night to high heels.

The second collection I rushed to illustrate was from Castro. Not surprisingly, Castro provide us with a variety of comfortable, Urban clothing line this season. I truly appreciated the emphasize they put on the Denim trend and brought it to life even more than usual. I also liked the mens colorblock sweatshirts which look so cozy and fun.  

Lastly, I would like you to take note and remember these two trends. Not only that they are going to rock Fashion Week and your Instagram feed, they are going to take a huge part in your closet.
Have a great fall.

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