The Next Stop: Milan Fashion Week

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The last few days were absolutely insane! That is why I could not write the full post about Milan yet. Nevertheless, I managed to create a quick teaser of my Journey to Milan Fashion Week. If you want to follow my creazy experiences in Milan live check out my Instagram stories till September 27th:) 

Till than, Check this out: 

Front Row at the Daizy Shelly Fashion Show

Selfie With Anna Dello Russo outside FENDI

The Beautiful Doumo

Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show

After the Moschino Fashion Show. From the left: Liat Green, Jeremy Scott, Aviv Weinberger, Talia Zoref. 

Anna KIKI Showroom

The one and only striding to the FENDI Fashion Show: Anna Wintour

MAC Showroom!


Illustrating the runway of FENDI

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