VERSACE SS17- Let's get active

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The Versace Fashion Show was definitely one of the most exciting shows I attended this season during Milan Fashion Week. Two of the main reasons for the excitement were the huge hall the show was hosted in and the expected appearance of well known models Naomi Campbell and the sisters, Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Besides these promotional advantages to the show and thousands of street style photographers, I can actually say I had enough interest in the actual collection as well. I especially enjoyed watching the light sporty fabrics on the runway and also the color theme of navy blue, red and a lot of purple.

Lastly, I illustrated the three looks of the runway superstars Gigi, Bella and Naomi and captured their looks from the catwalk. I was truly stunned and surprised by this easy going collection and honestly want the entire collection for myself.

Hello Gigi and Bella

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