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 Scrolling through Facebook events last Thursday, I accidentally came across a fashion illustration event I saw was going to be hosted right by my hometown. Thus, I rushed to look into it and found out the artist who is presenting is one of my favorite fashion illustrators in Israel. The Artist, Mimi Ziv is the fashion illustration teacher at Shenkar College, which is a leading worldwide fashion institute located in Tel Aviv.
 I was truly excited to see there is an exhibit which is all dedicated to Fashion Illustration and is taking place in Tel Aviv. The fashion illustrator Mimi Ziv and the head of the Shenkar Fashion Department, Leah Peretz put together an impressive display that compliments the beautiful illustrations Mimi has created in the past few years.
What I really appreciate and love about Mimi's Style is her free, bold line and her original choice of materials. I was amazed of how she uses coffee stains and raspberries to bring a lot of color and life into her extraordinary art.
I very much recommend that you all go and check this great gallery and see her special work with your own eyes.

The exhibition is open for visitors between the dates 27/11- 06/12 at Shenkar College.

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