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With a new book and nineteen fashion week seasons of live runway sketching on her
resume,Fashion Scissors teams up with Artist Danielle Meder, one of Canada’s most 
influential fashion illustrators and author of Draw Fashion Now . 
We sat with her to hear about her inspiring career. Read more to find out all about
her unique drawing style, her inspirations and most of all, how is it like to be a fashion
artist in the fast paced year of 2017?

1. What in your opinion makes a sketch successful? 

In my opinion, what makes an illustration successful is when it contains the element
of attitude. A good sketch reflects the contemporary style and energy of the moment.
My goal is to create a feeling of “now”.

Danielle Meder. Photo By: Jonathan 

2. When did you realize you want to become a fashion Illustrator? Why?

I've been Illustrating fashion since I was a little girl. I did it for fun for years as a child and
I didn't realize at the time that it could be a career for me. Then, I went to fashion design
school and I learned how to sew and work with designers but I still didn't realize that I
could be a fashion Illustrator. At the time, I had a blog and I put illustrations up on the
blog and people would contact me and ask me for illustrations so I would charge for
making them sketches. Eventually, I got enough of those requests that I noticed that I
could be a fashion Illustrator. At that point, I made some business cards with the title of
fashion illustrator and the rest is history.

3. What would be a dream client for you nowadays?

I have two dream media customers. The first one is Women's Wear Daily and the
second dream client would be the New York Times. I think it would be awesome to
regularly illustrate a column like Vanessa Friedman's. Moreover, I would love to work
with brands such as Christopher Kane and JW Anderson. I think these designers are
doing really interesting work and I would love to visit their studios and see what goes into
building their concepts.

4. You attended almost 20 seasons of fashion week. Which one would you say had

the most impact on you? Why?

At this point I have attended 19 fashion weeks. I have two favorite seasons. The
first is Spring 2016 in September 2015 when I went to New York Fashion Week
and created a powerful portfolio that I was truly proud of. The best part was at the
end of the week when Marc Jacobs had part of his show outside the venue so
the models changed in a tent and then they walked on a red carpet. Ordinary
people like me could watch the show. The sketches turned out beautifully and
was “a dream come true” for me. I remember dancing back to Brooklyn
afterwards. My other favorite season would be Fall 2013 in New York in February
2013. For that one I was called upon by FiftyThree to use their brand new iPad
drawing application called Paper, and try out the new touch screen technology
for runway sketching. Women's Wear Daily had partnered with FiftyThree and
sent me to cover the Alexander Wang, Oscar De La Renta, Yigal Azrouel, and
Diane von Furstenberg fashion shows – high profile tickets I rarely get access to.

5. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Maybe I’ll get tired of moving around all the time and take up living in a nice apartment
with a dog perhaps. I might become a fashion illustration professor, or perhaps commit
more seriously to being a writer.
6. What three words you think would describe best your illustration style?

Now, immediate, honest

7. When did you reach your current style?

I believe I found my current illustration style after I lived in London in 2010 - 2012. I think
being in London made my style more mature. I feel like before London my illustrations
looked like a fashion student did them and then after London I felt like I really found my
signature. The reason for that might be that London is a really inspiring city. Also, At that
point I was a fashion illustrator for 7 years and I believe 7 years is a cycle so once you
get to your 7th year in your career you're going to see some evolution. Finding your style is 
finding yourself.

8. What was the illustration gig that excited you most? Why?

I love writing a column for the Globe and Mail newspaper. I think it's really exciting that 
6 times a year I get to put together my talents for both words and pictures in a single
document. I feel like this is something that is pretty unique. I don't know a lot of other
people who are both writing and illustrating. Thus, I feel very fortunate that I am able to
do so. Also, the process of doing it helps me find my own voice. This is definitely
something I get to be excited about it every two months.

9. Do you believe Fashion Illustration is necessary in today’s world? Why?

There is one situation in which fashion illustration is absolutely necessary and that is
when you are thinking of new ideas. Even the biggest designers cannot take a photo of
an idea that is in their heads and that doesn't exist yet. If you want to think of a design
that is truly original, it cannot be developed from a reference photo.

10. What do you think about the current situation of social media rising illustrators?

I think it is wonderful that social media allows a platform for young illustrators all
over the world to share their work and in much the same way that I used the blog
to start my career. It is a great positive way to seek clients and media exposure.
However, I think there's an inability to be able to tell the difference between a
good Illustrator and a popular Illustrator because these things are not necessarily
connected. In order to be memorable, the work is more important than the
platform. A person can be excellent at social media and adequate at drawing. Or
you could be excellent at drawing and adequate at social media, like me. The
rare individual who is great at both will be a legend for sure.

11. Do you have any interesting projects coming up in the near future? What are


I am currently working on promoting my new book “Draw Fashion Now” which is
a guide to learning fashion illustration in the 21 st century based on my knowledge
and experience as a professional fashion illustrator. Also, I am planning my next
trip to illustrate at Paris Fashion Week in March.

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