MFW: Illustrating the Missoni show and meeting Gigi Hadid Backstage

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Missoni was definitely one of my favorite fashion shows this season. The first reason for that would be the touching speech that was given by the creative director Angela Missoni about equality in the fashion industry and even gave out pink hats which stand for it. Another reason the show was very special fr me was that I got to go backstage with MAC cosmetics and see all make up looks and  the knits from the collection from close. I had the privilege to observe how well made the clothes were and how they made all the models look stunning. I especially adored the bright contrasting colors in the collection which stood out and made every model look sophisticated. 

Runway sketching at Missoni
Gigi Hadid on the runway
Talia Zoref and Gigi Hadid backstage at the Missoni Fashion Show

Talia Zoref with Rosita Missoni. 

Gigi Hadid with her illustration

Backstage looks 

 The looks for the line-up
Illustrating backstage

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