Elie Saab PFW Backstage with MAC

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Attending the Elie Saab show was a dream come true for me. I remember when I was younger, I used to watch Fashion TV and Elie Saab was definitely one of my favorite shows to watch every season. Elie Saab, Known for his fantastic and dramatic taste, knows how to put on an unforgettable show. There is something so magical about his designs that makes you want to stare at them for hours and want to wear them. I feel he took the collection to a truly mystic place this season, making most of his designs dark and purple. I illustrated two of my favorite designs from the show and took some pictures backstage with MAC Cosmetics just before the show started.

 Sara Sampio
Sofia Mechetner

finale touch-up before the show

Line up is tiring!
 Look Chart

 Accessories make it or break it. 

 Sofia Mechetner's look for the show

 Model Pauline Hoarau with a detailed dress

Models Luping Wang and Maria Petrovicova

Model Ondria Hardin with smokey eye makeup by MAC

Backstage Selfie with Models Sara Dijkink and Sofia Mechetner 

In love with this embroidery

Backstage at Veronique Leroy

Backstgae at Lutz Huelle 

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