My sketching secrets

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Often, I am asked what paint and colors I use for sketching. In this post, I will show you which products I use to create some of my coolest handmade sketches.

1. Viviva Colors- 
The first colors I wanted to present to you are the Viviva Colors. I found them not long ago through my friend and since then, I cannot stop using them. Viviva, is a really cool art startup that was specially made for artists "on-the-go". These special watercolor sheets do not have only an amazing pigment, but they are also compact, fast drying, and 100% perfect for travelling. 

2. Winsor & Newton Pigment markers- 
The first thing I absolutely love about these markers is their double thin-thick edges which are great for filling in details as well as filling in spaces. Another thing that is great about them, it their sheerness which allows you to create proper marker shading in layers. I get them usually from the craft store Arta in Tel Aviv, 

3.Winsor and Newton compact cotman watercolors and Gallery Mungyo Pastels - 
These watercolors are perfect and long lasting for professional artists as myself. If you are looking for a quality watercolor set, this is the one. For more about the cool pastels check out #mungyo gallery on Instagram

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