Ralph and Russo Backstage with MAC cosmetics

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There is only one way to describe the feeling I had when I walked into the backstage area of the Ralph and Russo couture show and that is definitely euphoria. On the hangers, I saw beautiful couture gown I could only dream of. They had detailed hand crafted beading, Crystal embroidery and feathers that were sewed on them one by one. I could not believe what I saw. It felt as if I walked into a dream closet that belonged to a princess from Monaco. Right by the beautiful dresses, I saw no less stunning models with sparkly makeup and Purple lipstick. I truly loved the makeup look for the show since it was unique and fitted the gowns completely. Here are some of my captions.
Model Madison Moehling. Illustration: Talia Zoref

Model Arizona Muse. Illustration: Talia Zoref


All about the details.

Just about to line up

Model Madison Moehling


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