The Splendid Etoile Hotel: A luxury Parisian experience with a perfect view of the Arc De Triomphe

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Who said you can't mix Business with pleasure?
A luxury Parisian experience with a perfect view of the Arc De Triomphe is just what you can get at the Splendid Etoile Hotel in Paris

By Talia Zoref

I stayed at the Splendid Etoile Hotel and experienced a quiet, relaxing and beautiful Parisian getaway, even though I was actually coming to work for Fashion Week, I felt I was on vacation.

The view from the Balcony at the Splendid Etoile. Illustration by Talia Zoref

Time for art at the Splendid Etoile. Illustration by Talia Zoref

The Location:
The Splendid Etoile is located right near the historical Arc De Triomphe, only a few metro stops away from the Champs-élysées, the Opera, the Louvre and the Tuileries, which are the main attractions to see in Paris. The hotel is right in front of the metro, at the Charles De Gaulle Etoile stop that is on the Yellow line.

View of the Arc de Triomphe from the room balcony at the Splendid Etoile

What to see in the area:
Firstly, the Arc de Triomphe is right near the hotel. It was perfect to take walks, see the beautiful art and structure around it and just enjoy the amazing Parisian experience of seeing this historical building from the view of your room. Also, if you are into photography, it is just a perfect location for taking pictures. I really recommend seeing all the lovely streets in the surrounding area and taking the Metro to Champs Elyses, where you can go shopping and see one of the most beautiful streets in Paris.

The hotel:
The Splendid Etoile is a boutique hotel with a luxury, yet personal touch. The moment I arrived at the hotel, I was offered coffee and there were chocolates waiting for me in my room. I truly got the feeling that the hotel staff does their utmost to welcome you, make your stay enjoyable and provide you with the best hospitality.
The room at the Splendid Etoile. Illustration by Talia Zoref

Fashion Week invitations on the bed

What to eat:
First of all, the hotel has a wonderful breakfast with a delicious selection of cheeses, croissants, juices, hot drinks, eggs and more. Also, there is a beautiful dining area with a great atmosphere.
There are plenty of cool restaurants, bars and coffee shops near the hotel. Also, there is a lovely quiet bar at the hotel where you can sit to work, eat, and drink something refreshing. Regarding the restaurants, all you have to do is cross the road and you will see a variety of Cafe's, Bistros, bars and more. Even if you are into fast food, you will be able to find something nearby. The area is wonderful when it and always find something to suit your taste.

Breakfast at the Splendid Etoile

Morning Coffee and Croissants at the Splendid Etoile

The things I loved most:
The room was big, comfortable, and luxurious. The service was great, warm and friendly. The breakfast was very tasty. The balcony view was extraordinary as a picture postcard. The decor was beautiful. I highly recommend this hotel.

Champagne, Chanel, and Valentino at the Splendid Etoile

The rooms are so big!

The beautiful view at night. 

To find out more about the Splendid Hotel, visit their website:

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